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Sep 01, 2015

James Boyd reviews Arctic Roar

Long time supporter of the band, James Boyd sent us this review of his preview copy of Arctic Roar! Please feel free to send us your reviews of our music!

Here it is, my verdict! I think that this easily the best album to date. The whole band, and the other assorted musicians have combined to make this a great album to listen to.
The Primary have a sound, which is now very distinctive and enjoyable, (OH, OH OH). It will, I think, be a cracker playing it live, everyone can join in at some point.
I have down a track by track verdict, my two favourite tracks are Elephant Island and Bearing Arms. Individually, this sound is made for Jon to sing, Tony, your guitar playing is great. To David and Matteo you make the album bang along with the powerful rhythm section!

My review is probably a bit long but anyway here you are,

The Primary – Artic Roar

Elephant Island

An air of mystery to start us of then the chords, which introduce us to the song. This a very well-constructed tune, the guitar crashing in towards the end is great.


A definite country rock feel not unlike the Pogues. I feel a wee Irish jig coming on! A lot of different things going on in the background, violins, accordions (I think)


This is most definitely The Primary, their own unique sound. Oh Oh Oh! A very catchy number, which breaks into rock with the Tony guitar break!


A quiet little song, with lots of guitars and things coming together in the background. A song to relax and appreciate the combinations until an awakening with the axe! I like the ending!

This City

Again a song, which is The Primary! Nice little guitar touches, builds up nicely, with Bass and Drums keeping everything together in the background, and the guitar wailing!

In Pursuit of Bears

A touch of the Pogues somewhere in here, but again the distinct Primary sound. I love the combination of instruments on this track. Great song.


The rocking Primary great Guitar bombing along with Bass and Drums. This is great little rocking song the band are really getting it all together! Where did the wee jig come from!

Bearing Arms

The final song, the emotional chords, feels sad, but so good. I love the backing singer fits in perfectly! The song is building all the time with so much music going on in the background! The backing singing makes the song feel so dramatic with the minor chords? Cello’s, Violins, you need to listen closely, great song!

I hope that lots of people get the opportunity to listen to this album. Good luck, maybe the break will come along this time?