The Primary are an eclectic mix of musicians from Europe and North America. They met as ex-pats teaching English in South Korea. Founded in CheongJu in early 2011 The Primary have carved out a folk/rock niche in the South Korean live music scene.


Jon Lennon is the singer and tunesmith. He hails from Belfast, Ireland and his musical tales generally involve whiskey and beer soaked folk songs from the island. A bona fide rogue, he used all his Irish charms to bring the rest of the band together.


Tony Boyd is an antiquated guitar playing rocker from the urbane centre of culture known as Glasgow, Scotland. He was left wondering why people laughed when Homer stated “Rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.” Jon Lennon harassed him into joining the band while he quaffed red wine straight from the bottle at the local bar. Tony assumed they’d find someone better and he’d be off the hook, but he’s still in the band.


David Sparks is the bass player from Indiana in the USA.  He joined the band in 2012.  His first ever gig with the band was opening for PSY in front of more than 10,000 people.  No pressure! Dave has been in Korea since 2009 and is actively involved in the CheongJu music scene.  He has his fingers in a lot pies from the local open mic night to the CheongJu Music Festival.


Matteo Cinnani was forged in Italy and Colombia and finished in French Canada. He is the walking UN and can speak about a dozen languages. His favors the language of love and cultivates his Casanova image by chasing the girls around before, after, and even during gigs. He prefers a samba to a shuffle and has a knack for knocking up unique drum beats with which he confuses The Primary.